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Business consulting tailored to your company. Setting up an advisory or management board. Our experts take your business to the next level. Continue reading.

Personalised business consulting

In need of an experienced head to help you make the tough decisions about the future of your business? Looking for a business consultant to discuss your growth strategy? Like the support of an advisory board or Expert@board you can trust? 

Say hello to Experts@YourBusiness, the business consulting specialists. Our experts analyse, explore, inspire and advise to take your business to the next level.

As CEO or managing director of an ambitious SME, you’re faced with various challenges: turnover, margin, growth, speed, complexity, flexibility, competition, innovation, performance, digitalisation, disruption... How do you manage all this in our fast-evolving world? At Experts@YourBusiness our aim is to work with our experts to rise to these challenges.

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Senior business consultants

At Experts@YourBusiness our up-to-date database contains the details of senior experts in management, leadership, strategy, human resources, finance, sales and marketing. We put together a team of business consultants to ensure you receive advice and guidance on a temporary or regular basis, based on your needs or project. This is always done in consultation with you. 

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Business consulting

Do you have a pressing question or a challenging project for which you need the advice of an experienced business consultant? Like to present a case to a team of experts? We bring new insights and knowhow into your business.

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Advisory board

Would you like to put together an advisory board or a management board of independent experts? We select the profiles on the instructions of Unizo. As Unizo preferred partner, we help set up your SME Advisory Board.

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Expert@Board enables SMEs to draw on the expertise of an independent senior expert in general management, sales, marketing, finance or HR. This service is supported by Unizo and is covered by the SME e-wallet. 

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Preferred partner of Unizo

Based on a positive assessment of our working practices, Unizo has joined forces with Experts@YourBusiness to develop its corporate governance project in response to the Buysse Code. Under this remit we have set up no fewer than 165 SME management boards, each with three independent directors. The partnership has already been broadened and deepened significantly. For the Expert@Board service, for example, we have brought 60 projects to a successful conclusion.

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Experts@YourBusiness is a Unizo preferred partner, managing a databank of experts who can be brought in to support and strengthen your business. In need of one or more experts? Let’s talk.

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Our people

Corinne Reynders
Corinne Reynders has vast experience guiding SMEs, tackling HR issues and coaching C-level managers. Corinne’s expertise lies in talent acquisition and finding the right person for the job. She heads up daily operations, assisted by our senior experts and back office staff.
Martine Reynders
Martine Reynders has extensive experience in assessing business credit requests. As an investment manager, Martine played an active role in buyouts and acquisitions, and sat on various boards. She knows only too well that the figures not only need to add up, they need to be strong enough to finance your projects and investments, and so enable you to grow and prosper.
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