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At Experts@YourBusiness, we have a proven track record of supplying high-quality temporary staff. In doing so, we create added value for SMEs. Meet our core team.

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At Experts@YourBusiness we are vastly experienced in supplying ambitious SMEs with external experts in all business domains. We have harnessed our reputation for dependability and our strong partnerships to build up an impressive customer portfolio and a compelling pool of experts.

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At Experts@YourBusiness we can count on a loyal group of senior experts available to businesses in Belgium and beyond, short or long term. Each and every one of them is an authority in their field, including general management, finance, HR, sales, marketing and operations. But we offer so much more than a database of profiles and CVs. We carefully select the expert with just the right knowhow, experience and personal leadership style to meet your requirements and fit in with your corporate culture. We cherish and nourish our human capital to benefit your business.

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Are you an SME, perhaps with an international focus, looking for outstanding management profiles to strengthen your team for a short period? Meet with Corinne and Martine Reynders for an introduction to our interim managers and experts in your business.

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Corinne Reynders
Corinne Reynders has vast experience guiding SMEs, tackling HR issues and coaching C-level managers. Corinne’s expertise lies in talent acquisition and finding the right person for the job. She heads up daily operations, assisted by our senior experts and back office staff.
Martine Reynders
Martine Reynders has extensive experience in assessing business credit requests. As an investment manager, Martine played an active role in buyouts and acquisitions, and sat on various boards. She knows only too well that the figures not only need to add up, they need to be strong enough to finance your projects and investments, and so enable you to grow and prosper.
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