Interim Management - to restructure your business

Need a freelance crisis manager to make a success of your restructuring? At Experts@YourBusiness we supply executive interim managers who are very flexible and ready to hit the ground running.

Executive interim management in crises

Planning extensive restructuring or perhaps the total closure of your business? Looking for an experienced interim manager or a freelance crisis manager who can communicate with all stakeholders impartially to arrive at a good resolution? 

Say hello to Experts@YourBusiness, your interim management provider for transitions and restructuring. We work with interim managers who are ready to hit the ground running.

Restructurings are often complex affairs that demand an experienced transition manager or crisis manager able to assess all the options and act fast. Our executive interim managers have the experience and dynamism to establish a plan and get to work fast. By listening, assessing and then taking action. Impartiality and independence mean the interim manager can identify the best course of action, even in the most difficult or delicate of circumstances. 

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Guiding restructuring

At Experts@YourBusiness we supply interim managers who are very flexible and ready to hit the ground running at CEO and senior management level. Sometimes tough decisions need to be taken in difficult circumstances. Call in a chief restructuring officer before it’s too late.

What an interim executive manager or a crisis manager can do for you:

  • Managing restructuring at department or organisation level
  • Overseeing acquisitions and the closure of departments or sites
  • Conducting financial analyses, drawing up cost-cutting plans, negotiating with creditors
  • Guiding an HR department in the event of restructuring or collective layoffs
  • Managing to handle crises, accidents, disasters and scandals

More information

Are you an ambitious SME, perhaps with an international focus, looking for an outstanding freelance crisis manager, transition manager or chief restructuring officer? Our interim executive managers are standing by to assist you. We would be delighted to drop by to talk with you.

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Our people

Corinne Reynders
Corinne Reynders has vast experience guiding SMEs, tackling HR issues and coaching C-level managers. Corinne’s expertise lies in talent acquisition and finding the right person for the job. She heads up daily operations, assisted by our senior experts and back office staff.
Martine Reynders
Martine Reynders has extensive experience in assessing business credit requests. As an investment manager, Martine played an active role in buyouts and acquisitions, and sat on various boards. She knows only too well that the figures not only need to add up, they need to be strong enough to finance your projects and investments, and so enable you to grow and prosper.
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